The Milwaukee Road's Former Southwestern Line in WI

Current Operations & Relics from Another Era

Milwaukee Road herald is still visible, though fading, on bridge over Hwy. 14 in Darien. This section sees regular rail service from the Wisconsin & Southern.

As of April of 2016 CP Rail took up the track west to Kansasville

The Milwaukee Railroader magazine featured the former Southwestern Line in a recent three issue special. Contact the MRHA to order the issues at

This website chronicles operations on the remnants of the Milwaukee Road's former Racine & Southwestern Line from Sturtevant to Beloit, WI, in the CP Rail/Soo Line, Wisconsin & Southern, Union Pacific, and Iowa, Chicago, & Eastern eras. Surprisingly large segments of this former Milwaukee Road line continue in operation today under these new operators though it is broken in several stretches.

Click here for a list of Southwestern Line segments in operation or part of history. Direct links to the sections.

Photo by Nick Trimberger of CP Rail crossing Highway 75 in Kansasville

CP Rail Crosses Highway 11 While Cars Ignore Lights, Horn

Nick Trimberger Captures Wisconsin Central Action in Burlington on the former Southwestern Line

The Photos of Brent Georgi

The map below puts the Racine & Southwestern line in perspective within the Milwaukee Road network of branch and mainlines. This map is used with permission of the Milwaukee Road Historical Association and is from a 1940 timetable.

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