Delavan, WI

Local and Through Rail Freight Service on the Wisconsin & Southern

Downtown Delavan in March of 1991. Wisconsin & Calumet was the operator then.

Delavan, WI, is just a short drive away from the Geneva Lakes resort communities. It still sees rail freight service thanks to the Wisconsin & Southern which passes through to reach Elkhorn to the east.

This image is from February of 2014 and it shows what presumably are a pair of hoppers containing salt for the highway department. The spur goes into the former Stock Lumber yard.

These two views below show a covered hopper spotted at the Continental Plastics spur track on the west side of Delavan. The hopper probably contains plastic pellets which the plant will use in the manufacturing of products for breeding of livestock.

This view above shows not only the hopper at the Continental Plastics factory but also the remains of another spur veering off to the right in this view. I wonder what industry used to be there? Perhaps a visitor to this site can fill in the blanks.

Thanks to Bob Fischbach who sent me a message identifyng the use of this former spur which apparently served a former milk plant.

Using the zoom feature on the camera, a closer view of the hopper spotted by the Wisconsin & Southern. This view looks west towards Darien, WI, along the former Milwaukee Road Southwestern Line. The track has a roller-coaster look to it from this persepective.

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