Elkhorn, WI

Operations on the former Milwaukee Road branch in the county seat of Walworth County.

Pictures of former branchline to Elkhorn, hoppers stored under I-43. Corrections to original captions by WSOR engineer Matt Diestler.

Elkhorn, WI, is the current end-of-the-line for the Wisconsin & Southern on the east over the section of the former Milwaukee Road Southwestern Line it operates. East of Elkhorn the new White River bike trail uses the former ROW.

These view below show some of the rail-served customers in Elkhorn.

Gondolas are spotted on the spur into the Intertractor America Corporation plant which sits alongside I-43 on Elkhorn's east side. This picture was taken in the winter of 2000. The Intertractor company makes steel shoes and undercarriages for construction tractors.

Enough track was left in place east of I-43 as a tail track for Wisconsin & Southern crews to continue switching out as needed this factory. However, by August of 2009 the spur was quite overgrown with vegetation, including brush growing between the rails. It will take some work to get this spur back into operation by a MOW crew.

This view looks east from where Highway 67 crosses the former Milwaukee Road tracks on the south side of Elkhorn. A tank car is spotted at fuel oil dealer Elko Solutions. In the distance is the overpass for I-43 over the tracks now operated by the Wisconsin & Southern. Tracks end about a half mile past I-43.

We're looking west at a pair of bulkhead flatcars dropped off by the Wisconsin & Southern for Midwest Drywall, an off-line customer. Midwest Drywall receives inbound loads of drywall at this spot.

This time the camera is turned the other way and we're looking east into the Stan's Lumber facility at a boxcar. The remains of another spur are visible to the left where it forks off from the main spur track in the gravel. At one time this spur exited the lumberyard on the other end and crossed Hwy. 67. A street rebuilding project eliminated most traces of this extension.

This shot looks northeast about a block from Highway 67. According to two sources, this spur was actually once part of an original Milwaukee Road branch which extended from Eagle down to Elkhorn. Apparently it was abandoned in the 1930s. Does anyone have information on how far this truncated segment went or where?

Thanks to Andy who sent an e-mail clearing up this mystery. Apparently this spur was once part of the Milwaukee Road line that went from Eagle to Elkhorn. Most of the ROW is gone now.

This shot looks west across County Highway H down the empty Milwaukee Road ROW. In the distance is I-43 and the resumption of active track. The White River Trail begins here and travels east over the former Southwestern Line.

It's September 24, 2004, and a string of covered hoppers are stored on the former Milwaukee Road tracks where they travel underneath I-43 (former WI Highway 15). Looks like the Wisconsin & Southern is storing them here in anticipating of harvest loadings of grain on the line.

Relics of another era. Industrial buildings that were once served by the Milwaukee Road just north of Stan's Lumber. An interesting pattern of criss-crossing spur tracks weaved around here but were removed a few years ago.

The rule here-don't take things for granted, get a photo before it's gone. I didn't in this case, instead making a mental note each time to get a shot in the future, then this interesting track was gone.

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