Union Grove, WI, Area CP Rail Operations

Union Grove, WI, sees both local service and through trains on their way to Kansasville. A farm co-op used to be a customer but now just the local lumber yard sees a rare bulkhead flatcar now and then on the team track. The brick platform for the former Union Grove passenger depot is still in place west of Highway 45 and on the north side of the tracks.

Follow a CP Rail switch job as it works Union Grove in the fall of 2003.

Link to 1994 Train Derailment in Union Grove

This new and unique shopping center reflects the heritage of Union Grove as a passenger stop on the former Milwaukee Road Southwestern Line with its own depot. The brick platform near where the original depot stood was renovated also. The turret with the "witches hat" roof is reminiscent of the Sturtevant Milwaukee Road depot. Photo dates from August of 2009 and looks south across the CP Rail tracks.

Bulkhead flatcar spotted on the spur to the left is set out for the local lumber yard with an inbound load of drywall. Main track on the right continues east to Sylvania. Union Grove's passenger station was located where the vehicles are parked just past the crossing signal. The vehicles are partly on the brick platform used by passengers decades before. As of May of 2012 there appeared to be no recent rail service on this spur.

A steady customer for the Canadian Pacific Railroad on the branch line was Farmers Grain & Supply in Union Grove. This view from the fall of 1993 shows cars being loaded with grain from area farms. Inbound loads of fertilizer were also received here in hoppers. We are looking east from Highway 45 in downtown Union Grove.

By May of 2012 the Farmers Grain & Supply complex was gone as was the former siding that served it. This view looks east. The remains of another track to the north indicate that what is now just a spur by the lumberyard was at one time a siding with connections to the east and west to the mainline.

The image is overexposed but nonetheless it still captures a rare view of a dropcenter flatcar set out for Wisconsin Electric. It contained a piece of heavy electrical equipment and sits on the main track looking east toward Highway 45.

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